bullet Kenneth Edward BLUBAUGH(980) (2)(3) was born on 28 May 1963 in Mt Vernon OH. Parents: Leonard James BLUBAUGH Sr. and Mary Ann DURBIN .

bullet Kenneth Francis BLUBAUGH(981) (2)(3) was born on 10 Jul 1967 in WICHITA, KS. Parents: Robert Marion BLUBAUGH and Judith Ann BONEWELL.

bullet Kenneth Paul BLUBAUGH(982) (2)(3) was born * 12 1922 in Blackwell OK. He was born either SEP or NOV. While a child he had one arm and part of the other had severed in an accident on a railroad siding where a box car was being switched. When he was 16 years old he went to Idaho and worked on a sheep ranch. Since then he has followed ranch work. He has raised 5 children by his wife's first marriage plus his own three children. They resided at 303 Hanson Ave at Burley ID. Parents: Emmett Francis BLUBAUGH and Vietta FRANKLIN.

He was married to Mary Nada LARSEN?. Children were: Paul J. BLUBAUGH twin, Paulette BLUBAUGH twin, Katherine Ann BLUBAUGH.

bullet Kerri\Korri Dawn BLUBAUGH(983) (2)(3) was born on 22 Jul 1968 in Dallas TX. Her name may be either Kerri or Korri. Parents: Lee James BLUBAUGH and Vicky MCARDLE\MCCARDLE .

bullet Kerry BLUBAUGH(984) (2)(3) was born on 6 Aug 1958 in Gahanna OH. Parents: Kenneth Aloysius BLUBAUGH and Shirley.

bullet Kevin BLUBAUGH(985) (2)(3) was born on 19 Mar 1967 in Mt Vernon OH. Parents: George Edward BLUBAUGH and Jean Ann MOUSHEY.

bullet Kim Denise BLUBAUGH(986) (2)(3) was born on 4 Apr 1956. Parents: Victor Earnest BLUBAUGH and Gwendolyn Faye HOLLAND.

bullet Kimberley Ann BLUBAUGH(987) (2)(3) was born on 22 Feb 1971 in Mt Vernon OH. Parents: Lawrence Owen BLUBAUGH and Linda Sue MCELROY.

bullet Kirk Richard BLUBAUGH(988) (2)(3) was born on 13 Jan 1964 in Denver CO. Parents: Raymond Philby BLUBAUGH and Patricia Donna GRAUERHOLTZ.

bullet Lanell Lynn BLUBAUGH(989) (2)(3) was born on 13 Sep 1973 in McPherson KS. Parents: Richard Allen BLUBAUGH and Dorothy Rael SCHLESENGER.

bullet Larry Allen BLUBAUGH(990) (2)(3) was born on 26 Jun 1935 in Shelburn IN. They reside at 324 Short St. Bucyrus OH 44820. Parents: John Calvin BLUBAUGH.

Children were: Lori Ann BLUBAUGH , Michael Alan BLUBAUGH.

bulletLaura BLUBAUGH(991) (2)(3). Parents: David BLUBAUGH and Hattie HIBBITS.

bulletLaura Isabel BLUBAUGH(992) (2)(3) was born in 1897 in Alliance OH. Parents: Charles Liguori BLUBAUGH and Emma Ruth GUNTHER.

She was married to Eugene BLUM .

bullet Laura Jean BLUBAUGH(993) (2)(3) was born on 9 Nov 1954. Parents: Hiram BLUBAUGH and Elizabeth CLOIRTIER.

bullet Lauretta Marie BLUBAUGH(994) (2)(3) was born on 4 Apr 1930 in Danville, OH. She was born either the 4 or the 14 of April. Her husband is a service station manager in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Parents: Francis William BLUBAUGH and Agness Isabelle BLUBAUGH .

Children were: Bernard Carl "Bennie" DURBIN , Dennis Joseph DURBIN, David Eugene DURBIN, Anne Marie DURBIN, Donald Paul DURBIN, Margaret Rose DURBIN, George William DURBIN, James Patrick DURBIN, Phillip Andrew DURBIN, Rebecca Mary DURBIN, Brenda Kathleen DURBIN, Stephen Douglas DURBIN.

bulletLawrence "Fuzzy" William BLUBAUGH(995) (2)(3) was born on 4 Jan 1905 in Clyde OK. He died on 8 Dec 1968. He attended and graduated form high school at Medford and Wakita OK. His occupations included farm laborer, restaurant fry cook, wheat harvesting, hunter and trapper and employee of the Farmers Cooperative Ass. He was known as "Fuzzy" to such an extent that few knew his real name. He lived in a small house in the ghost town of Clyde OK and loved pets, being very apt at doctoring and training animals. His best companions were his dogs. He served in World War II. He is buried in St. Anthony's Catholic Cemetery at Clyde OK. Parents: Charles "CF" Francis BLUBAUGH and Etta Florence BATES.

bullet Lawrence E. BLUBAUGH(996) (2)(3) was born on 13 Nov 1941 in Harper KS. He has studied at Wichita State University and is employed at the Derby Refinery as Computer Engineer. He and Karen were married NOV 3 1962 in the Catholic Church at Danville KS and make their home in Wichita. They are members of the Catholic Faith. Parents: Ralph Maurice BLUBAUGH and Marcella WEBER.

He was married to Karen Sue JONES on 3 Nov 1962 in Danville KS. Children were: Randall Dean BLUBAUGH, Jeffery Allen BLUBAUGH.

bullet Lawrence Owen BLUBAUGH(997) (2)(3) was born on 2 Nov 1944 in DANVILLE OH. He is employed in the plumbing and construction business and his wife, whom he married FEB 7 1970 in St. Vincent dePaul Church at MT. Vernon OH, is employed at Mercy Hospital, also in MT. Vernon. Parents: Otto Robert BLUBAUGH twin and Ruth Marie COLOPY .

He was married to Linda Sue MCELROY on 7 Feb 1970 in St. Vincent dePaul Church at Mt. Vernon OH.. Children were: Kimberley Ann BLUBAUGH, Jennifer Napeka BLUBAUGH .

bullet Lee James BLUBAUGH(998) (2)(3) was born on 1 Jan 1945 in Medford OK. He was born at Medford OK where he grew up on the farm near there. After finishing high school he attended a trade school in Oklahoma City learning refrigeration and installation and is well established as a service mechanic in Dallas TX. His wife was attending college at Oklahoma State Univerity at the time of their marriage at Stillwater OK. They reside at 1426 Forrest Glen, Lewisville TX 75067. Parents: Leo Francis BLUBAUGH and Evelyn OMEARA.

He was married to Vicky MCARDLE\MCCARDLE in Stillwater OK. Children were: Kerri\Korri Dawn BLUBAUGH, Mark Allen BLUBAUGH .

bullet Lemuel A. BLUBAUGH(999) (2)(3) was born on 18 Jun 1904 in Danville KS. He was born in the Sisters Convent at Danville and went to Missouri with his parents when a small boy growing up in St. Louis. He lived in St. Louis most of his adult life and served as county clerk of the court, St. Louis MO. He was gifted in doing oil paintings which he started as a hobby and has continued many years. He is now retired living at 2209 McLaron in Jennings MO. Parents: Justin "Juss" Elmer BLUBAUGH and Alice Ida FLOCK.

He was married to Gertrude DEUSER . Children were: Dorthy Ann BLUBAUGH, Mary Alice BLUBAUGH, James BLUBAUGH.

bullet Lenora Sue BLUBAUGH(1000) (2)(3) was born on 22 Jul 1948. They were married in 1967. Parents: Leo Emmett BLUBAUGH and Ora Lee MCKEE.

She was married to Larry NEWSOME in 1967.

bullet Leo "Lee" BLUBAUGH(1001) (2)(3) was born in 1844. Parents: Benjamin BLUBAUGH and Elizabeth DURBIN. Parents: Benjamin BLUBAUGH I and Elizabeth DURBIN.

bulletLeo Bennot\Benedict "L B" BLUBAUGH twin (1002)(2) (3) was born on 23 Apr 1862 in Gann OH. He died on 11 Apr 1945. He migrated to Kansas in 1885 from Gann OH, which is now Brinkhaven OH. He followed the movement westward with this mother and older members of the family. They located at Danville KS in Harper County when they first arrived. He and his twin brother, George, went to western Kansas in Wichita County near the towns of Leoti and Selkirk, and there tried farming. Severe drought and wind storms caused crop failures, so the brothers gave up farming. He went to work for the Missouri Pacific Railroad and soon became a section foreman. He and his wife, whom he married at St. Thresa KA, lived in the depot and some of the children were born there. In those days when the railroad was being developed there were many emergencies which came up, and the crew had to go out night and day to make repairs to the track. Sometimes this required being out two or three days to complete the work. Leo joined his mother and other brothers in 1898. They had taken claims in Oklahoma when the Cherokee strip was opened for settlement. He obtained 160 acres of school land, 1-1/2 miles north and 1 mile east in the town of Clyde in northern Grant County. The land was all prairie and had to be broken to plant a crop. Sod from the area chosen for the location of a home was used to build a house. This served as shelter for a few years. Then a two-room house was obtained from a neighbor and moved to replace the stood house. This was enlarged as the family grew, and other necessary farm buildings were also built. He and his wife had much to do with developing and helping to build a Catholic church at Clyde OK. The parish was named St. Anthony's and was served by a missionary priest who had to travel on horseback or by team and wagon. After a few years the parish was served by a priest from Manchester OK where a resident had been stationed along with a catholic school. Clyde OK was served by Rev. Herman Fayen for over 30 years traveling the 16 miles in a light rig or buggy with a team of ponies. In the early days it was necessary for the priest to make the tip on Saturday afternoon if Mass was to be early Sunday morning. He and his wife always had room for the priest to stay all night even with their large family. Leo was known as "LB" in Oklahoma and had a reputation of honesty the equal of few. If anyone in the community needed help and it was at all possible he gave his time and money if he had it. Many of the young married nieces and nephews had help from "Uncle Lee" as he was called. He and his wife moved from the farm to Medford OK in 1942 and purchased a home near the Catholic Church, so he and his wife could have the opportunity to attend daily Mass. He passed away shortly after moving to Medford and is buried in St. Mary's Calvary Catholic Cemetery north of Medford OK along with his wife. Parents: Joseph BLUBAUGH and Mary Ann LINEBAUGH.

He was married to Anna Gertrude BURGHARD. Children were: Mary Reginia BLUBAUGH -nun , Henry Pius BLUBAUGH, Charles Albert BLUBAUGH, Clara Leoti BLUBAUGH, Bernard Stephen BLUBAUGH, Lucy Elizabeth BLUBAUGH , Rose Katherine BLUBAUGH, Mark Anthony BLUBAUGH, Leo Francis BLUBAUGH, Joseph Benedict or Ignatius BLUBAUGH, Paul Raymond BLUBAUGH.

bullet Leo Emmett BLUBAUGH(1003) (2)(3) was born on 7 Jan 1911. He served in World War II, in the anti-aircraft 45th Division. He and his wife live on their farm near Newkirk OK. Parents: Clarence George BLUBAUGH and Elizabeth BRYANT.

Children were: Lenora Sue BLUBAUGH, Brenda Lee BLUBAUGH.

bulletLeo Francis BLUBAUGH(1004) (2)(3) was born on 18 Dec 1919 in DANVILLE OH. He was a service station mechanic in Crestline OH before moving to Colorado Springs OH. He and his wife married FEB 19 1944 at Galion OH and later divorced. Parents: James Bernard BLUBAUGH Sr. and Clara Elizabeth GRASSBAUGH.

He was married to Celestine Eunice SAUM on 19 Feb 1944 in Galion OH. Children were: Carol Jean BLUBAUGH, Donald Leo BLUBAUGH, Michael Dale BLUBAUGH, Richard Allen BLUBAUGH.

bullet Leo Francis BLUBAUGH(1005) (2)(3) was born on 25 Aug 1907 in Clyde OK. He died on 2 Aug 1962. He died either Aug 26 or 28. Leo was born on the farm near Clyde OK and attended Country Grade School District 42, then graduated from Medford High School. He farmed in the community and raised cattle. He loved sports especially baseball. He was a good pitcher outstanding enough to have a try out with a professional team, the St. Lewis Cardinals, during 1938. He did well with the team but did not like being away from home and the farm life, so he asked for his release and returned home. His in-laws lived on a farm in the Numa Community, and his wife was a country grade school teacher, the last to teach in the Clyde Grade School, District 122, before it was discontinued. He and his wife lived on the homestead of his father where their children all were born and where she died. He purchased 80 acres of the old Blubaugh homestead when the estate was settled besides another 160 acre farm in the community. He moved from the farm to Medford as the schools were being closed, and it was more convenient to drive to the farm rather than make the two trips to the school for the children. He remarried in 1948. His second wife's in-laws were a prominent family in the Woodward OK Community. They lived in Medford and his second family were born there. He was a friendly easy going person with a humerous and intellectual philosophy of life, and he has many friends. He died at Enid OK. His second wife educated all the children through Oklahoma State University and has moved from Medford to Woodward OK. She has continued her profession of teaching school. Parents: Leo Bennot\Benedict "L B" BLUBAUGH twin and Anna Gertrude BURGHARD.

He was married to Evelyn OMEARA. Children were: John Steven BLUBAUGH, Mary Ellen BLUBAUGH, Lee James BLUBAUGH.

He was married to Mary Margaret\Margaret Ann FROST in 1948. Children were: Gregory Francis BLUBAUGH, Margaret Ann BLUBAUGH, Vincent Dean BLUBAUGH.

bullet Leo Franklin BLUBAUGH(1006) (2)(3) He was an employee of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and lived at 620 Elm St. Cumberland MD 21502. Parents: Jacob Ervin BLUBAUGH and Bessie Dorthy TWIGG.

Children were: Richard Leo BLUBAUGH.

bulletLeo J. BLUBAUGH(1007) (2)(3) was born on 29 Jun 1903 in Mechanicsburg, Boone County IN. He died on 8 Dec 1918 in Mechanicsburg IN. He was a freshman in high school when he died. He is buried in Mechanicsburg Cemetery at Mechanicsburg IN. Parents: Charles Albert BLUBAUGH and Lydia Ann ALLEN.

bullet Leo Joseph BLUBAUGH(1008) (2)(3) was born on 8 Oct 1936 in Melrose IA. Leo attended a country school for 8 years then attended 4 years of high school at Russsell IA. He has worked at a Grain Elevator for 20 years and also has driven a truck for 10 years as a parttime job. He enjoys hunting and fishing and gardening, putting out a large garden each year. He and his wife married AUG 4 1956 art Sacred Heart Catholic Church at Chariton IA which they continue to attend. They reside at RFD#1 at Chariton IA 50049. Parents: Frederick Murphy BLUBAUGH and Agnes Josephine CRATTY .

He was married to Patricia Louise ETTER on 4 Aug 1956 in Chariton IA. They were married at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Chariton. Children were: Debra Ann BLUBAUGH, James Edward BLUBAUGH.

bullet Leona BLUBAUGH(1009) (2)(3) They have lived in Columbus OH. Parents: Bazil\Basil BLUBAUGH and Florence MCKENZIE.

bulletLeona Blanch BLUBAUGH(1010) (2)(3) was born on 28 May 1902 in Hydro OK. She was also known as Sister Leona. She moved to Danville KS, Fayetteville AR, and then to Perryville MO with her folks. She entered the convent in 1922 The Sisters of Charity Order. She is stationed in St. Mary's Home PO Box 8278, 4350 Moffet Road, Mobile AL, 36608. Parents: Justin "Juss" Elmer BLUBAUGH and Alice Ida FLOCK.

bullet Leona Melinda BLUBAUGH(1011) (2)(3) was born about 1905 in Ohio. They lived in Columbus OH. Parents: Thomas BLUBAUGH and Margaret SCHUM\SCHUMAN.

bulletLeonard James BLUBAUGH Sr.(1012) (2)(3) was born on 10 Feb 1925 in Mt Vernon OH. He is employed by Continental Can Company of Mt. Vernon OH. He and his wife were married MAY 7 1949 and reside at 24 Hilltop Drive, Mt Vernon OH. Parents: John Thomas BLUBAUGH and Charlotte BLUBAUGH.

He was married to Mary Ann DURBIN on 7 May 1949. Children were: Leonard James BLUBAUGH Jr., Diane Marie BLUBAUGH, Susan Jane BLUBAUGH, Jeffery Paul BLUBAUGH, David Michael BLUBAUGH, Daniel Joseph BLUBAUGH , Kenneth Edward BLUBAUGH.

bullet Leonard James BLUBAUGH Jr.(1013) (2)(3) was born on 22 May 1950 in Mt Vernon OH. Parents: Leonard James BLUBAUGH Sr. and Mary Ann DURBIN.

bullet Leota BLUBAUGH(1014) (2)(3) Parents: William Thomas BLUBAUGH and Violet CLITES.

bullet Leslie Lynn BLUBAUGH(1015) (2)(3) was born on 19 Jul 1903 in Melrose IA. He farmed in Lucas County IA until they moved to East Moline IL where he and his wife, whom he married in 1922, now live in retirement. They were both employed by John Deere Company of East Moline IL. Parents: Stephen BLUBAUGH and Sarah Jane WILLIAMSON.

He was married to Faye HOLLINGSHEAD in 1922. Children were: Betty Louise BLUBAUGH, Maxine Ruth BLUBAUGH -twin, Marlene Eloise BLUBAUGH , Mary Frances BLUBAUGH.

bullet Lester BLUBAUGH(1016) (2)(3) Parents: Walter Harrison BLUBAUGH and Olive MILLER.

bullet Lettie BLUBAUGH(1017) (2)(3) Parents: William Thomas BLUBAUGH and Violet CLITES.

bullet Levada BLUBAUGH(1018) (2)(3) She died very young.
Parents: Simon Oscar BLUBAUGH.

bullet Lewis BLUBAUGH(1019) (2)(3) was born in 1914 in Knox County OH. He died in 1971. He lived on Coshocton Rd. in Mt. Vernon OH. Both his parents were direct descendants of JOHN BLUBAUGH I. Parents: Anthony Raymond BLUBAUGH and Edna BLUBAUGH.

bullet Lewis Augustine BLUBAUGH(1020) (2)(3) was born on 18 Oct 1873. He died on 14 Jun 1895. He was killed by lightening. Parents: George Washington BLUBAUGH and Catherine SNYDER .

Children were: Louis BLUBAUGH, Albert BLUBAUGH, Gertrude BLUBAUGH.

bulletLigouri "Lee" Alphonsus BLUBAUGH(1021) (2)(3) was born in 1860 in Mt Vernon OH. He and his wife moved to California while he was still a young man. They were located near San Bernardino CA. He is buried in CA. Parents: Francis "Frank" E. BLUBAUGH and Julia Ann GARLAND.

Children were: Carl Frederick BLUBAUGH, William BLUBAUGH, Borgia BLUBAUGH, Nina BLUBAUGH, Nell BLUBAUGH, Theresa BLUBAUGH, Gaylord BLUBAUGH.

bulletLinda BLUBAUGH(1022) (2)(3) was born in DANVILLE OH. Parents: Jerome William BLUBAUGH and Unknown BLUBAUGH.

bullet Linda BLUBAUGH(1023) (2)(3) She attended Ponca City High School and lived at 1404 Desota, Ponca City OK. Parents: Robert Lee BLUBAUGH and Betty Mae BARNES.

bullet Linda BLUBAUGH(1024) (2)(3) Parents: Alfred Francis BLUBAUGH and Eileen CLINE.

bullet Linda Kay BLUBAUGH(1025) (2)(3) was born on 15 Dec 1960 in Duncan OK. She is attending high school. Parents: Marvin Edward BLUBAUGH and Betty Joan LEBLIE .

bullet Linda Lea BLUBAUGH(1026) (2)(3) was born on 23 May 1943 in Blackwel OK. Parents: Dale A. BLUBAUGH and Arlene YOUNG.

She was married to George TENEYCH Jr..

bullet Linda Marie BLUBAUGH(1027) (2)(3) was born on 18 Dec 1957. Parents: Eugene Donald BLUBAUGH and Julie Marie VANDERECKEN.

bullet Linus BLUBAUGH(1028) (2)(3) was born on 17 Jul 1878 in Danville KS. He died on 3 May 1924. He grew up near Danville KS where he also received his grade school education. He met his wife while attending school in Oklahoma and they were married in 1905. They resided in Oklahoma then moved to Kansas, first to Danville and then to Wichita. They were of the Catholic Faith and raised a fine family. Linus is buried in Calvary Cemetery at Wichita KS. Parents: Benjamin Franklin BLUBAUGH and Alvira COOK.

He was married to Christina Mary KOETTING in 1905. Children were: Eugene Linus BLUBAUGH, Hilda Christine BLUBAUGH, Gertrude Helen BLUBAUGH, Raymond Leo BLUBAUGH , Bernetta Mary BLUBAUGH, Vincent Paul BLUBAUGH, Teresa Agnes BLUBAUGH , Felix Albert BLUBAUGH.

bullet Lisa BLUBAUGH(1029) (2)(3) was born in DANVILLE OH. Parents: Jerome William BLUBAUGH and Unknown BLUBAUGH.

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